Preschool Class

Follow the rainbow and learn to dance

This class is specifically designed for pre-school children between the ages of 2-5 years old. Our Irish dance programme helps pre-schoolers develop social and motor skills whilst learning the fundamental basics of Irish dance.

Your child’s motor skills are evident from the age of two, and are built upon, improved and controlled throughout early childhood. Developing your child's motor skills improves movement, balance and co-ordination. Gross motor skills develop in a head-to-toe order. It is shown that children exposed to dancing will develop better gross motor skills than those who don’t.

Our classes are fun, we use props, music and games to keep your child engaged. By the end of the season your child will able to follow rhythms, coordinate left and right hand and foot movements, learn the basic of Irish dance and develop social skills along the way.

The first class is free - and then $20/ class for the rest for the first season. After this it is an ongoing membership by season which is $150 per term. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child in our class and join in. There is no requirement to buy Irish dance footwear for the class, flat flexible shoes would be best for your little jiggers first season.